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Youth camp

From July 29 to August 7,…

… we will come together from all over the world in Austria at Lake Attersee to talk about our hopes, our experiences and our future. We want to strengthen the unity of the youth against war, armament, racism, environmental destruction, poverty and exploitation.

The Corona-Pandemic has only brought to light the gaps between rich and poor. The ten richest people in the world have doubled their wealth during the COVID-19 Pandemic, while the situation of us working people and young people is becoming increasingly precarious. Likewise, it has shown the problems that already exist, such as social inequality, the consequences of a privatized health care system, and the fact that it is the working people who must expose themselves to the virus on a daily basis, while the rich isolate themselves. In many ways, the youth is one of the most affected groups by the consequences of the Corona pandemic. Whether it is restrictions in school or university, reduction of jobs and apprenticeships, far too few living spaces, up to increased violence against women, children and young people.

The economic and political contradictions among the world powers are intensifying,…

… the danger of a new war over the division of the world is growing daily, and the budgets for armaments and militarization are constantly increasing. The fronts between the NATO-countries, under the leadership of the USA, on the one hand and Russia and China on the other hand are hardening more and more. This becomes clear not at least in the Ukrainian-crisis or in the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

In many countries of the world, racist-fascist parties are gaining strength. We see all more clearly in times of crisis and pandemic how racist movements are trying to divide and weaken our common fight for social justice. Democratic rights, such as the right to demonstrate and to assemble, and the freedom of expression are being restricted in many countries.

These attacks do not only remain with us humans, but also our planet is exploited for profit maximization. Forests are being cleared and get destroyed, water and air are being polluted, which destroys the habitats of future generations.

More than 70 million people are fleeing. They have fled because of the wars waged by imperialist countries. The exploitation of entire continents and the poverty that accompanies made them refugees. On their journey, they are left to die because of the closure of escape routes, like in the Mediterranean Sea.

This cannot go on like this!

As young people from all over the world, we do not want to accept this future,…

… in which the living conditions of millions of people are deteriorating and the future of young people is being destroyed in the interest of profit. We believe that a world without suppression, exploitation and war is possible, where people can live equally and in solidarity.

We say that the youth of the world, without distinction of religion, language and origin is one. We believe that through unity and solidarity we can create a world where everyone can live without fear of the future. 

We will meet at the international antifascist youth camp at Lake Attersee to raise our voices together against wars and racism. Let’s stand and fight together for a better world and a better future.

Who are we?
We are DIDF-Jugend.

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