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Workshops – at the following workshops you can let your creativity loose…

drama workshop

If you’ve always been looking for the big stage, the Drama workshop is the right place for you. You’re not just rehearsing little skits here. You will learn more about the necessary techniques, about the history and the role of the theater and at the end you will present your own play to the others. Stage free!

music workshop

All music lovers will feel right at home here. With or without an instrument, if you like to sing or want to record a song, there is something for everyone. Be there when the legendary camp song is created!

You walk in the footsteps of Pablo Picasso, Käthe Kollwitz and others. Paintings or handicrafts. A relaxed creative time is pre-programmed here!

journalism workshop

Have you always wanted to work in a newspaper, do you like to write and have creative ideas? Then the newspaper is exactly the right workshop for you. You will be involved in the daily camp newspaper and also get a taste of the work of magazines such as Junge Stimme or Lautschrift. Don’t miss this chance!

Camp tv

A DIDF youth camp would not be the same without Camp TV. In 10 days you will learn how to use the camera, how to produce short videos and conduct interviews and how these are ultimately cut into a finished episode that the participants can enjoy in the evening program.

Are you passionate about photography? Then come to the Photography Workshop! There you will learn how to use a SLR camera, but also what is important when taking photos. Take a different perspective and immerse yourself in the world of photography.

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We are DIDF-Jugend!

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